PayShield is TrukSe's digital escrow payment system which acts as a secure intermediary for supply-chain transactions. When the enterprise and transporter agree on a service, the transaction funds are held securely with the RBI registered bank until the service is successfully completed, and both parties are satisfied.

TrukSe's digital supply-chain insurance provides comprehensive coverage for trucks, cargo and warehouse, protecting your business from unforeseen disruptions such as accident, fire, damage, theft and other such risks attached. Our insurance offers a convenient and efficient platform for businesses to access a wide range of insurance options tailored to their specific logistics needs. . As a marketplace, we partner with reputable insurance providers specializing in cargo and supply-chain coverage. By leveraging our platform, you can compare multiple insurance policies, evaluate coverage levels, and select the most suitable plan that aligns with your cargo's value and transportation requirements. This approach not only saves time and effort but also empowers your business with comprehensive coverage, protecting your shipments against potential risks and uncertainties. With TrukSe's insurance marketplace, you gain peace of mind and can focus on optimizing your logistics operations, knowing that your assets are well-protected.

BidFlip is a unique reverse bidding tool on TrukSe that empowers transporters to bid competitively for trucking services in real-time. Shippers can post their transportation requirements, and carriers can submit their bids based on their capacity and availability. This dynamic process encourages healthy competition, allowing transporters to choose the most cost-effective and efficient bid that meets their transportation needs, resulting in optimized trucking costs.

FollowMatic is TrukSe's live tracking tool which provides real-time visibility into the status and location of your shipments. With GPS-enabled tracking, you can monitor the progress of your cargo throughout its journey. This visibility empowers you to anticipate and address potential delays or issues proactively, ensuring timely deliveries and improved supply-chain management.

Yes, absolutely. TrukSe places the highest priority on security and confidentiality. Our platform utilizes advanced encryption and data protection protocols to ensure that all transactions and information are kept safe from unauthorized access. Additionally, our ESCROW payment system adds an extra layer of security, assuring both the enterprise and transporter of a reliable and trustworthy platform for their supply-chain needs.r.