At TrukSe, we are committed to transforming the logistics and supply-chain landscape with our cutting-edge digital platform. As a pioneering solution, we have connected the power of technology to streamline and secure supply-chain services through an array of innovative features.

Our platform offers a seamless and transparent process for digital ESCROW payments, ensuring that both enterprise and transporters can engage in secure and trustworthy transactions.

With our dedicated focus on supply-chain insurance, we provide comprehensive coverage that safeguards against unforeseen risks, empowering businesses to mitigate potential disruptions and operate with peace of mind.

What sets TrukSe apart is our unique reverse bidding system for trucking services, which enables transporters to compete in real-time, driving down costs and optimizing efficiency. On the other hand, the enterprise can access a pool of competitive offers, making informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Through our live tracking feature, stakeholders gain full visibility into their shipments, enabling them to monitor progress in real-time and proactively respond to any challenges that may arise.

Our team is driven by a commitment to excellence, and we are dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the enterprise and transporters in the logistics ecosystem, creating a transformative digital experience that accelerates business growth and drives the industry forward.

  • Trucks on reverse bidding
  • e2e Live tracking
  • Digital ESCROW payments
  • Vehicle, Cargo and Warehouse insurance
  • Logistics finance